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PaperCut MF 15.3 (Build 34230)
Posted on 21 December 2015 09:56 AM

This is a bugfix release for 15.3 and contains the following changes:


  • Improved Print Provider start up time when there are a large number of printers.
  • MySQL 5.5 and above is now supported.
  • Additional retries for Find-Me printing with printers on different physical Windows print servers.
  • Added the Envelope DL paper size to the PaperCut global print driver.
  • Fixed an issue in the Pay Station software resulting in some user balances not updating.
  • Fixed a misleading error message when "server-command delete-existing-user" attempted to delete a user that was associated with a shared account.
  • Improved ability to auto-refund print jobs sent to an offline Windows printer.
  • Improved matching of users in the Admin UI for searches based on username aliases.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented IPv4 print queues on Print Providers with multiple network interfaces, from being correctly published to iOS devices.
  • Improved notifications for customers attempting to upgrade without a valid license.
  • Improved page analysis when printing to an HP universal driver with PIN enabled.
  • Heartland gateway: For on-demand transfers, the Mobile Print Release page now displays a combined internal and external balance.
  • Blackboard Payment Gateway: A user's secondary card number is now used when the primary card number is missing.
  • Fixed a rare issue that prevented Site Servers from synchronizing with the Application Server.
  • Fixed a rare issue where page counts for PCL6 files were incorrectly detected when the number of pages was equal to the number of copies.
  • Fixed an issue where users' custom home directory values saved in PaperCut were overwritten with blank values from a directory source or file.
  • Canon LBP printers: Improved color detection.
  • Sharp printers: You can now track Direct Printing on devices that include this function.
  • On the External Device Settings page, the Authentication methods are now automatically disabled when you select the Anonymous option.
  • Fixed an issue where a device configuration is not copied to a Site Server.

Copier / Device Integration:

  • Kyocera (HyPAS)*:
    • Fixed an occasional issue causing PaperCut to not start up correctly after configuration changes.
  • Xerox (EIP):
    • For Xerox EIP 1.5 devices, users can no longer log in if they have a zero or negative balance and do not have access to any accounts.
    • Account selection keypads can now be displayed in non-English languages.
    • Authentication failure messages are now translated.
  • Konica Minolta PCL6:
    • Fixed an occasional issue with page count detection for multi-copy jobs.
  • Toshiba eConnect:
    • Fixed a "Page not found" issue preventing Integrated Scanning from working.

Other Notes:

  • This release does NOT contain a database upgrade.