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PaperCut NG 14.3 (Build 29819)
Posted by Apposite Solution Limited on 21 October 2014 05:51 PM

New Features:

  • Simplified Guest Printing: Enable guests or visitors to print from their mobile device without setting up an account or accessing your organization's wi-fi network. Guest Printing utilizes PaperCut's Email to Print feature to provide a simple and convenient printing experience from any BYOD. Systems Administrators can configure guests or visitors to print with minimal or no assistance. More...
  • Global Print Driver: Implementing global and Find-Me print queues can cause challenges when deploying into a mixed fleet of brands. Finding a suitable driver is often a difficult trial-and-error exercise. PaperCut has helped to solve cross vendor printing with the PostScript Global Print Driver. Install this driver just like any standard Windows printer driver on a single global virtual queue to enable printing across multiple models and brands. More...

    PaperCut also provides adaptive PDL transforms to enable compatibility on other brands.

  • Syncing Username aliases from AD/LDAP: In many organizations, users have more than one username. Alternate name/alias support has now been extended to automatically sync from an external user directory, such as Active Directory or LDAP with no manual overhead. More...
  • Toshiba eraser RD30: To support Toshiba's Paper Reusing System, with the goal of reducing impact on the environment, PaperCut is now integrated with the new e-STUDIO RD30 eraser unit. It tracks pages erased across the organization and displays statistics on the Environmental and Admin dashboards.


  • Installer:
    • The Windows installer and all Windows executables are now digitally signed by PaperCut.
  • Configuration Options:
    • Allow the admin and user web pages to be embedded in an external web page (i.e. in an iframe). For more information see here.
    • Hide the 'Release All'/'Cancel All' buttons from the web-based Release Station.
    • Auto-approve refund requests from a group of users e.g. trusted users.
  • Admin Interface:
    • The Shared Account Security page now displays the user's full name making it easier to identify users.
  • Find-Me printing:
    • Improved the speed of releasing Find-me print jobs when the application server or database is heavily loaded. This also ensures Find-me jobs are printed in the correct order.
  • Reporting enhancements:
    • User's secondary email addresses are now displayed in the User List report (CSV only).
    • Added printer group filter to the printer list and executive summary reports.
    • The shared account name is now displayed in the "Printer Configuration" report when allocating charges to a shared account.
  • SQL Server Database:
    • SQL Server database in Microsoft Azure is now supported.
  • Printer Scripting:
    • Extended the "inputs.user.balance" API to get the balance of a multiple personal account.
    • Scripts can now change their behavior based on printer language. For example, scripts could deny jobs in a particular language (e.g. PostScript).
  • User Client:
    • Quickly log in to the user web interface via a new right-click task tray menu item.
    • It's now possible to customize even more messages in the client interface window, e.g. changing "username" to "employee ID" in the login window.
    • New option to specify the default advanced account selection tab (All Accounts, Preferred List, Recent Selections).
  • Apple: Knowledge Base article for Apple Mac 10.10 (Yosemite), further enhancements coming soon.
  • Receipt Printer: New option to display tax on the acknowledgement receipt.
  • Copicode: Updated Copicode terminal firmware to version 1.3.8.


  • Email to Print:
    • Attachment file names containing non-ASCII characters can now be printed.
    • Jobs sent via email to a disabled printer are now rejected and the user is notified.
    • Email to Print jobs will continue to print if an SSL connection fails to the mail server due to a certification path error.
  • Google Cloud Print:
    • Improved Google Cloud Print support when running PaperCut in Microsoft Azure cloud.
  • SQL Server Database:
    • Fixed encryption/SSL connections with Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • Mac & Linux:
    • Mac/Linux installations now include an example user client template config file.
    • Print jobs redirected from a Linux print server to an LPR queue on a Windows print server can now be tracked.
    • Improved reliability of the detection of the system IP address on Mac.
  • Standard Release Station:
    • Fixed credit limit enforcement when charging to a selected shared account in "Release Any" mode.
  • Find-Me Printing:
    • When jobs are redirected to a grayscale printer, the job cost is recalculated correctly.
  • Admin Interface
    • Prevent Chrome browsers from auto-populating unwanted data in the User Details and Create Device pages.
  • User Tools
    • User Web Release: Only display accessible printers when releasing jobs from a virtual queue.
    • Fixed an interoperability issue with some Mac clients on IPv6 networks.
    • User Client: Popup menu is now displayed when right-clicked on the balance window.
    • When a group is removed from PaperCut, it's Admin rights are also removed.
    • Web Print: MS PowerPoint presentations with the 'Mark as Final' flag can now be printed.
  • Notifications:
    • Fixed an issue that prevented notification emails being sent when a new user ID is generated. This problem would occur when using the email suffix option as opposed to explicit email addresses.
  • Print Archiving: Fixed a problem that could cause print archive image generation to consume 100% CPU.
  • Report Fixes:
    • Fixed wrapping of larger numbers in the "Shared Account Printing - User Logs" PDF report.
    • Standard print charging model information is now displayed in the "Printer Configuration" Report.
    • Standard charging default page cost is now displayed in the "Printer List" Report.
  • Payment Gateways:
    • CyberSource SA: Addressed an issue that occurred with long user names.
    • PayPal Payflow: If an order is cancelled, the user is returned back to the PaperCut end user screen.

Printer Compatibility Improvements:

  • Ricoh:
    • Further hardware page count support for Ricoh printers including IPSiO 6330 and C420.
    • Improved page count detection for Ricoh Universal PCL6 printer driver.
  • HP:
    • Improved page count detection on HP LaserJet P1606dn duplex jobs.
    • General improvements on new HP printers.
  • Konica Minolta:
    • On some new Konica Minolta models, addressed an issue that may have lead to inaccurate hardware page count validation.
    • Added better support for Hardware page count.
  • Xerox:
    • Improved page size detection for Xerox printers on Linux.
  • Epson:
    • Improved page size detection for the Epson Stylus Pro family when using the "Finest Detail" setting.
  • Canon:
    • Added hardware page count validation support for Canon LBP9660C.
    • Improved copy count detection for some Canon Printers.
    • Improved color detection for Canon LBP7680C.
  • General:
    • Improved hardware page count validation messages in the print logs when printing color pages.