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PaperCut MF 14.2 (Build 28232)
Posted by Apposite Solution Limited on 17 July 2014 09:43 AM

This is a bugfix release for 14.2 and contains the following changes:


  • Added the ability to easily customize the "Details ..." link text in the User Client balance window.
  • The shared account page can now be configured to be the first page displayed when a user logs into the user web pages.


  • Fixed an issue which prevented the release station from starting when using certain configuration options (since 14.2).
  • Fixed the "show members" link on the Group Details page which was not working under some conditions (since 14.2).
  • Fixed a problem which caused non-Latin characters to display incorrectly on one of the Printer Charts.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented admin groups being removed from large lists.
  • It is now possible to log into the standard release station using an email address when configured in "NoPassword" mode.
  • Fixed print job order issue when releasing all jobs from a virtual queue on a web based release station.(since 14.0)
  • Improved the print script behavior when a job is redirected to a non-existent printer. An error is now logged in the App log and the job is cancelled.
  • Extended Windows SSO authentication to work with older Firefox versions.
  • Server command APIs: "add-shared-account-access-group" and "add-shared-account-access-user" no longer add duplicate access entries.
  • Mobile Web Client: Improved compatibility with some proxy servers.

Printer Compatibility Improvements:

  • Fixed page count problem for RPCS print drivers when the job contains the same number of pages as copies.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented Canon PCL6 jobs from printing when a duplex conversion was applied.
  • Added document level color detection for Epson PostScript drivers.
  • Address a rare issue that may have occured when analyzing some PDF files.
  • Improved support for analyzing documents printed from Evince on Linux.

Copier / Device Integration:

    • Konica Minolta (OpenAPI):
      • Fixed the issue which caused "Select all" button to be hidden on the print release screen. (since 14.2)
    • Samsung (XOA) v28214*:
      • Minor change to ensure the Samsung "Home" screen is displayed after logging in.
      • Miscellaneous interface stability improvements.
      • Fixed cases of a "UI warning" when document names contain quotes.
    • Toshiba/OKI Onboard/Embedded (e-BRIDGE Open Platform) - SDK2 devices:
      • Fixed a problem that prevented PaperCut from tracking copying on Toshiba eS3540C with firmware T140HD0W3301.
    • Xerox Onboard (Xerox Secure Access EIP 1.0+):
      • Fixed a rare issue which may cause the device to stop responding when searching for shared accounts.

Other Notes:

  • This release does NOT contain a database upgrade.
  • Devices marked with * require installing an updated version of the embedded software to access new features and fixes.