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PaperCut NG 14.2 (Build 27858)
Posted on 19 June 2014 05:49 PM

New features:

  • Central Reports: Many customers deploy PaperCut in a distributed scenarios across geographically dispersed sites. The PaperCut Central Reports feature can be configured to generate aggregated data from multiple, distributed application Servers/Sites. Now formally out of the Early Access Program, Central Reports has been enhanced to allow reports to be created even if a remote site is not accessible. More...
  • Email to Print:
    • Added support for Microsoft Office Documents.
    • Added support for IMAP mail server connections (in addition to POP3).
  • Automatic User ID Number Generation: Some sites require users to have ID numbers to login to copiers or release stations. PaperCut can now automatically generate user ID numbers for new users -- or users with blank ID number records -- and email the user their login details immediately. This feature eliminates the user ID management overhead for system administrators.
  • Admin Rights Across Multiple Groups: Admin rights can now be assigned to administrators -- either individually or in groups -- across multiple user groups at one time. For example, the Admin team can be granted access to both "Students" and "Teachers". This simplifies administration and improves security.


  • The Application Server is now more resilient to restart events such as accidental outages or planned server upgrades. In the event that the Application Server is re-started, or failed over to a new VM instance, all user entered information (e.g. using account selection popups) is retained. For example, jobs that were previously authenticated will not need to be re-authenticated.
  • The Admin interface now offers enhanced search capability - particularly useful for installations with thousands of printers or user groups.
  • User Client Enhancements:
    • The Mac User Client now resides in the menu bar as a "menulet" and no longer lives in the Dock, conforming more closely to OS X user interface guidelines.
    • Added support for non Latin characters in the User Client configuration property file.
    • Added the option to customize the text displayed in the account selection popup.
  • This release improves the printer load balancing behavior when using hold release queues. Now a batch of jobs released by one user will be sent to a single device, rather than distributed across multiple printers.
  • Added the ability for users belonging to the group "guest" to use SSO with Windows Integrated Authentication.
  • Reports enhancements:
    • Log reports now have a new filter option to allow filtering by print method: Google Cloud Print, Web Print and Email to Print.
    • The "Printer usage - summary" CSV report has two new fields: Printer Adhoc fields and Serial Number.
  • A new payment gateway, CyberSource Secure Acceptance (SA), has been added.
    Note: The existing CyberSource Hosted Order Page (HOP) gateway has been obsoleted by Cybersource. To upgrade to CyberSource SA contact PaperCut Support.
  • A user's secondary email address(es) can now be set and retrieved via either the API or the server-command tool.
  • Added a global (organization-wide) page for the environmental dashboard to complement the per-user page. In addition, organizations not wishing to publish per-user environmental stats can disable the per-user page and live tiles and have the global page and tiles shown instead.


  • Fixed a slow memory leak in the Print Provider (since 13.5), that may be observed on print servers with long uptimes.
  • Improved account selection performance when using a large number of Shared Accounts with SQL Server.
  • The mobile client and mobile release apps will now work through proxy servers. (See the KB article for more information.)
  • Oracle fixes:
    • Fixed an issue where user information could not be updated by bulk user operations when applied to a list of users.
    • Fixed an issue where shared account quota allocation could not be applied to parent accounts
  • Fixed some rare cases where Google Cloud Print would stop processing jobs.
  • Improved speed of client popup if a workstation's IP address changes.
  • If SSO is configured to have a logout URL, the user will now be returned to that URL when the user session times out.
  • Improved the performance of loading the admin dashboard printer status when there are many thousands of printers.
  • Fixed an issue in specific scenarios where user cards were not self associating at Release Stations.
  • The silent install option of the Windows server installer will no longer display a warning if the version is not recent.
  • Fixed an issue with the Web Cashier Orders report where the cashier name was displayed in the wrong column when making a deposit.
  • Fixed the Moneris payment gateway to introduce a new configurable URL for verifying a transaction.
  • Addressed occasional HTTPS connection issues seen on some systems (since 14.0).
  • Fixed an error when accessing the printer cost pages with Windows Locale set to "English (Caribbean)".
  • Improved Payment Gateway in "On demand transfer mode" to check for sufficient/available credit when jobs are released when using the "Print All" button.

Printer compatibility improvements:

  • Speed up Hardware Page Count Validation for Toshiba 2550C.
  • Improved page level color detection heuristic on Riso GDI printer.
  • Improved page size detection for KONICA MINOLTA PCL6 printers.
  • Simplify forced grayscale and duplex on Novell by modifying original spool file.
  • Fixed color image drop-outs seen when applying grayscale filter to Ricoh PCL printer drivers. As of this release, PaperCut will not attempt to apply grayscale filtering to Ricoh PCL.
  • Improved page counting for booklets printed on Xerox PostScript printers.
  • Improved page level color detection for Canon PostScript printer drivers.
  • Fixed duplex detection for EPSON PM 3700C.
  • Improved Hardware Page Count Validation on color Toshiba devices.
  • Improved page sized detection for HP Designjet T120.
  • Fixed a copy count detection for OCE 9300.
  • Added more toner support for Ricoh and Brother.
  • Fixed page counting for printing with Center Fold option on Konica Minolta Bizhub PostScript printer drivers.
  • Improved page counting for duplex prints on Canon PCL6.
  • Improved number of copies detection for HPLaserJet Pro CP1025 NW.
  • Improved page counting for multi-copy jobs on Canon PCL6 printer drivers.

Other Notes:

  • This release does not contain a database upgrade.