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PaperCut 14.1 (Build 26830)
Posted by Apposite Solution Limited on 27 March 2014 03:53 PM

New features:

System Administrator Help:PaperCut started out as a solution for System Administrators to monitor, manage and control user printing behaviour. This week's Version 14.1 release carries on that tradition and adds a number of new and updated tools to simplify setup and synchronization of user information for the System Administrator.

  • Multiple OU/Group Sync: It's even easier to import and synchronize users from multiple groups or organizational units (OUs) from Active Directory or LDAP. Sysadmins can select subsets of users within PaperCut without needing to update the directory or use features such as nested groups. For more information see: More ...
  • Secondary User Information: New advanced capabilities to support the import and synchronization of multiple email addresses and secondary card numbers for users.
  • Grayscale Device Auto Detect: It's now easier to configure grayscale printers. Where possible, PaperCut will automatically detect grayscale-only printers and selects the most appropriate options.
  • New System Administrator Reports: Two new reports have been added to improve communication of device usage.
    • The "Device - scan/fax/copy breakdown" report provides detailed usage information for each device.
    • The "Shared account print/copy/scan/fax invoice" report is tailored for invoicing device and printer usage by shared account.


  • It's now even easier for BYOD and Laptop users to print multiple files using Web Print. Users can now drag and drop multiple files into a drop zone.
  • Report enhancements:
    • Added printer name, server name, and printer list filters to all the existing print/copy/scan/fax breakdown reports.
    • Added duplex pages to all the print/copy/scan/fax breakdown reports.
    • Added username filter to the "Shared Account Security Access" report.
  • Provided a new security measure when using PaperCut ports to automatically delete jobs that are manually resumed in the Windows Print Queue. This is a recommended enhancement for Windows 8.1 and Windows 2012 SP2 print servers where it is not possible to restrict user permissions to the Windows Print Queues.
  • Allow users to login to MFDs, Web Client, Release Station, etc. using their email address as an alternative to their username.
  • Standard release station enhancements:
    • Increased support for different card types by specifying a conversion function to process the raw number read from the card. The available conversion functions are:hex2dec, dec2hex and ascii-enc.
    • Added an option to allow card swipe to be used for username instead of a card number.
    • Improved configuration of release station login screen.
  • Enhanced Web cashier user receipts to include the user's balance after any purchase or deposit.
  • Users can now be logged in using Single Sign On after clicking an Email to Print verification link.
  • Payment Gateways can now record unique transaction ID in the customized transaction comments.


  • Using standard HTTP ports:
    • When the server is configured to enable port 80/443 but these are not available (e.g. in use by another application) do not direct users to these ports.
    • The URL to the PaperCut server provided in BYOD notification emails will now use ports 80/443 if enabled in the server configuration.
    • Allow use of ports 80/443 when overriding the PaperCut host header for redirects.
  • Web SSO with Windows Authentication now works correctly with the mobile client and mobile release applications.
  • Central Reports: Allow use of Windows Authentication when connecting to SQL Server databases.
  • Email to Print: Improved detection of PDF attachments sent via MS Outlook and MS Exchange.
  • Detect non-PDF files with .pdf extensions and prevent them being submitted to Web Print.
  • When overriding a held print job in the admin web release, the full list of available Shared Accounts is shown regardless of the user's account selection settings.
  • Improved robustness of dedicated IPv6 systems where no IPv4 interfaces are available.
  • Prevent a rare problem causing an error when manually refunding certain hardware checked print jobs.
  • Web print jobs now correctly inherit shared account invoicing options.
  • Google Cloud Print: Fixed a problem that may occur if you attempt to reconfigure with a different authorized account.
  • Fixed a problem adding secondary email addresses when using PaperCut behind a reverse proxy server.
  • Resolved problems with the client popup in cases where a print job is sent using an IPv6 link-local source address.
  • Fixed a Turkish localization issue with internal group lookups.
  • Improved reliability of previews of PostScript spool files in print archiving.
  • The WebPrint recent job list now takes into account any user print cost overrides when displaying the cost for each job.
  • Fixed an issue where the email printing filter was not cleared after pressing the "Clear" button.
  • Oracle: Fixed an issue which caused the Admin Rights Edit page to error out when a user did not have full name within PaperCut.
  • Novell: Fixed an issue where a printer's physical ID may not have been correctly registered.

Printer compatibility improvements:

  • Improved color detection on Windows when Advanced Printing Features are enabled.
  • Fixed page count error that occurred for some RISO PostScript printer drivers.
  • Improved page size and duplex detection for FX DocuPrint3000 PostScript drivers.
  • Improved page size detection on Xerox DocuCenter printers.
  • Improved page size detection on Xerox Phaser printers.
  • Fixed grayscale and duplex filters and watermarking for Canon PCL5 printers.
  • Fixed page counting for collated copies printed to FX DocuPrint 3000 on Ubuntu.
  • Improved page level color detection for Canon PostScript printer drivers.
  • Fixed an issue that may occur if copies were set/changed via Advanced Scripting.
  • Improved reliability for selected Postscript file formats.
  • Canon: Improved page level color detection for PostScript printers.
  • FX DocuCenter-11 C3000: Improved watermarking support.
  • Ricoh: Fixed issue with Convert to Grayscale seen on some printers.

Other Notes:

  • This release does not contain a database upgrade.