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PaperCut 14.0 (Build 26241)
Posted on 12 February 2014 03:47 PM

This is a bugfix release for version 14.0 and contains the following changes:


  • Fixed issues limiting admin access to a subset of printers or user groups (since 14.0).
  • Google Cloud Print:
    • Fixed issues causing GCP jobs to remained in the "Queued" state and not be processed by PaperCut.
    • Fixed issue using Copy Printer Settings to publish multiple printers to GCP at once, if the list of target printers included the template printer.
  • Email to Print:
    • Fixed the default port when configuring email server connection details for the first time.
    • Fixed some options displaying incorrectly in some languages.
  • Fixed issues delegating access to add and remove secondary email addresses (when using admin groups and/or when allowing read-only access to users).
  • Mobile Client:
    • Fixed a caching issue that was causing an "Error Loading Page" message for some users.
    • Fixed a problem that allowed pending jobs from a mobile device to be visible to other users of the same device.
    • Allow scrolling the content of print script dialogs on touch-screen devices.
  • Print Archiving on Linux can now more reliably generate job images when the archive directory is an NFS share.

Printer compatibility improvements:

  • Fixed a possible error in the Print Provider that may occur in rare cases when watermarking Canon PostScript or XPIF spool files.
  • Fixed some cases of Web Print not successfully printing PDF to PostScript printers when using Xpdf.

Other Notes:

  • This release does not contain a database upgrade.

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