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PaperCut MF 14.0 (Build 25901)
Posted by Apposite Solution Limited on 23 January 2014 03:45 PM

New Features:

  • Mobile & BYOD. PaperCut's mobile and BYOD functionality has been enhanced and unified to simplify planning and implementation of a mobile printing strategy. Google Cloud Print, iOS Printing and Web Print have been moved with the new Email to Print feature into a central management area and are now documented in the context of the broader mobile topic. More ...
  • Email to Print is new in 14.0 and rounds out the mobile story. It provides a simple, straightforward printing option for any mobile device with email. Email to Print allows users to print PDF documents by attaching them to emails. Each printer / queue has its own email address.
  • The Mobile Client app provides the functionality of the desktop client software to mobile devices. The new app includes user authentication, selecting shared accounts and interacting with print script pop-ups. Elements of the Mobile Client were previously available for use with iOS Printing. These have been extended to other mobile platforms and are now available on any device with a modern web browser.
  • Environmental Impact Dashboard & Windows Live Tile. PaperCut started as a way to encourage users to save paper and reduce waste. It's not just about print control, it's also bringing visibility to the impact that everyone has each time they print. The new Environmental Impact Dashboard brings helps explain your impact and compare usage with the company average. If the dashboard is accessed through Windows 8.1 you can create (pin) a Windows Live Tile on your Start Screen. The Live Tile updates with awards, ratings, tips and fun facts, all based on your personal printing behavior.
  • New Look and Feel. We've given Version 14.0 a new look. Download it and check out the new style.
  • Konica Minolta Embedded. The embedded software for Konica Minolta has been rewritten from the ground up to leverage the latest platform and device features. The new interface uses the iOption environment to provide a rich user experience for user authentication, account selection, account search and secure print release. This feature is currently managed under the Early Access Program.


  • Added a new one-click report option to run any report for "Yesterday".
  • Improved support for custom currency formats. It may now include trailing spaces.
  • New print scripting API to allow scripts to adapt their behavior depending on whether the job is sent from Google Cloud Print, Web Print or Email to Print. See scripting reference for "inputs.job.jobSourceName".
  • The Mobile Client (e.g. iOS Printing), and Mobile Print Release apps now support single sign-on logins.
  • Added two new reports - Office print/copy/scan/fax - breakdown and Department print/copy/scan/fax - breakdown.
  • Improved behavior when deleting a device's Find Me Printing queue. The system will now report a configuration error on the device's configuration page if the release queue does not exist.
  • Added an option to provide end-users with the option to edit their card/ID number (self-manage) (disabled by default).
  • New advanced configuration option to deny login if the PIN field is blank, rather than prompt the user to define a PIN on first use. This is useful in environments using ID login (card-less authentication) where data is populated from an external system.
  • Multiple personal accounts: Administrators can now set the account that will be used for end-user transfers.
  • The "Web Cashier Products" and "Web Cashier Purchases" CSV reports now display shared account codes where applicable.
  • The Advanced Client is now more responsive when searching through many thousands of accounts.
  • New ad hoc report filters:
    • Executive Summary report: filter to one or more shared accounts
    • User List report: filter to "Users not in any groups".
    • Shared Account List report: filter by shared account name, parent account name or parent account code.
  • New install defaults:
    • The setup wizard now asks for a default printer color cost as well as grayscale costs. This simplifies future configuration.
    • During initial install, disabled users in Windows Active Directory are not imported by default.
    • The default cost model on new printers is now the Standard model rather than the Simple model.
    • The default color detection mode on new printers is now page-level color detection rather than document-level detection.


  • When Single sign-on (SSO) login is enabled, it's now possible to switch between admin areas without the need to re-authenticate (e.g. Admin area to Web Cashier area).
  • Fixed problem changing login types (e.g. logging out of the admin interface and into the user interface in the same browser session)
  • Fixed an issue which may have allowed duplicate email address to be entered without any warning.
  • Optimized API performance when linking or unlinking accounts to users and groups.
  • Fixed an issue which may have prevented previewing of XPS archived jobs when the application server is running on Linux or Mac.
  • Fixed a rare problem that may have prevented version upgrades when a system is running on an external database containing duplicate email addresses.
  • Fixed a rare problem that could cause the duplicate document filter to trigger incorrectly.
  • The "Release All" button in the Release Station will now release all jobs in a virtual queue with multiple destination printers. Previously only the first job would be released.
  • When using Catalan language, fix problem loading the printer settings screen for virtual queues.
  • Fixed a regression that caused the Release Station to not show which printer a job is being released on.
  • Improvements to the User Client strict SSL checking when using "remember indefinitely" option. The client will now raise a warning rather than silently exit if the SSL connection is not valid.
  • Google Cloud Print: various reliability and performance improvements (more on the way!).
  • Fixed an issue that may have prevented logging into the Mobile Client / iOS Printing app if the password contained a pound sign.
  • Fixed an issue where the internal user registration page displays an error during registration if they add an email address.
  • Fixed an issue where the Web Release function may not correctly remember filter options between logins.
  • Administrators releasing jobs from the admin interface can now override account section settings for jobs held in virtual queues.
  • Fixed an issue where username filter did not work on Transaction History page on a hardware pay station device.
  • PayPal PayFlow Link Payment Gateway:
    • Improved handling of approved transactions where the "Card Security Code" was not valid but was allowed due to configuration.
    • Fixed problems with seen access the "return URL" after payment. This problem may occur when sites upgraded to PayPal's new version 2 interface.
  • Fixed problem changing login types (e.g. logging out of the admin interface and into the user interface in the same browser session).
  • The client balance window no longer shows blank on first use when starting minimized on OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) systems.
  • Fixed currency symbols displaying incorrectly in the pay station and some MFP interfaces.

Printer compatibility improvements:

  • Added support for Dell-C1765nfw.
  • Added watermarking support on the Kyocera TASKalfa KX (PCL6) printer drivers.
  • Add toner level detection support on the Toshiba eB3.
  • Improved page-level color detection on some Ricoh and HP PostScript printers.
  • Fixed a watermarking problem seen on selected Sharp PostScript drivers where a driver watermark is also enabled.
  • Fixed an issue with the HP Universal PS 5.6.5 where if a job is forced to grayscale, it may only apply to the first copy of a multiple copy job.
  • Improved support to force documents to grayscale on various HP LaserJet devices such as LJ300-400 and CM6030.
  • Improved support for document-level color detection on the Canon LBP 7780c.
  • Improved page-level color detection on printers using various PCL6 drivers.
  • Fixed grayscale filter for HP Color LaserJet CM6030 MFP PCL 6 printer driver.
  • Improved paper size detection on FX DocuPrint 360 printers and FX DocuCenter-II C3000.
  • Fixed an issue with counting of collated copies on devices using the FujiXerox:ART-EX driver.
  • Fixed document-level color detection on various Windows Kyocera print drivers when Advanced Printing Features is enabled.
  • Improvements to Hardware Page Count Validation on various HP printers.
  • Fixed a page count issue that may occur when using the "Center Fold" option with Konica Minolta Bizhub PCL6 drivers.
  • Improved page0level color detection on Konica Minolta BizHub printers using the PCL6 driver.
  • Fixed paper size detection issue seen on the Epson LP-340S.
  • Fixed page-level color detection issue seen on the EPSON SC-T5050.
  • Improved page size detection on OKI B410 PCL5 driver.
  • Improved page size detection on devices using the RICOH IPSiO SP C320 RPCS driver.

Copier / Device Integration:

  • HP FutureSmart v25013*: Improved card reader support to prevent some double-read issues seen with Elatec TWN3 card readers.
  • Konica Minolta Onboard/Embedded (OpenAPI):
    • New user interface and experience for devices with the Konica Minolta iOptions. See the major features section above.
    • Improve handling of network based card logons on Konica-Minolta when the device is in sleep or low-power mode.
    • Fixed a problem configuring some models (eg C751) by leaving adaptive keyboard off by default. If needed, the adaptive keyboard can be enabled through device configuration.
  • Kyocera Onboard/Embedded (HyPAS) v25008*:
    • Added a new configuration option to hide "Release All" button on the print release screen.
    • Long client machine names are now truncated to fit in the limited space.
    • Changes to improve reliability around a rare issue where a device may appear hung after waking up from sleep mode.
  • Toshiba Onboard/Embedded (e-BRIDGE Open Platform) - SDK2 devices:
    • The interface will now auto-detect the device's selected default language/locale. It will use this unless explicitly overridden via configuration.
    • To help with integration with 3rd party document management and scanning applications, it's now possible to define customizable launch buttons on the Welcome screen.
    • Added a new configuration option to go straight to print release screen.
    • Added a new configuration option to hide the "Cancel Job" button on the print release screen.
    • Added a new configuration option to hide the "Print All" button on the print release screen.
    • Improved the account selection user experience when the list of accounts is very long.
    • Information security: Selected Web Services calls between the server and the device may now be secured with SSL encryption.
  • Xerox EIP2: Added support to run on devices where the "JobLimits" feature is turned off.

Other Notes:

  • As per the End of Life announcement, this release discontinues support for 32-bit Novell OES platforms. Organizations running on 32-bit architecture will need to upgrade to 64-bit Novell OES Linux to run this release.
  • As per the End of Life announcement, this release discontinues support for new installs or upgrade of the PaperCut server software on Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard).
  • As per the End of Life announcement, this release discontinues support for new installs of the PaperCut MF embedded software on older Ricoh SDK 2.x devices.
  • This release does not contain a database upgrade.
  • Devices marked with * require installing an updated version of the embedded software to access new features and fixes.