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PaperCut MF 13.3 (Build 23137)
Posted by Apposite Solution Limited on 19 July 2013 09:29 AM

New Features:

  • Added a new embedded/onboard copy and scan tracking solution for Xerox devices via the Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) 2.0 or higher. This new version leverages the latest EIP 2 technology to provide:
    • New and improved fullscreen interface.
    • Improved quota enforcement (jobs are stopped when users run out of credit).
    • Fullscreen account selection with account keyword search.
    • Ability to select and release individual jobs directly from the panel (Find Me Printing).
    • Client billing options such as job comments and invoicing are now available at the panel.
  • Central Reports. Large organizations with offices in multiple cities often choose to deploy PaperCut in a decentralized way (one application/primary server per site). This helps to streamline management but makes it difficult to gain a complete organization perspective. Central Reports solves this problem by giving a unified view of data from multiple application servers. For more information see the Central Reports chapter in the user manual .
  • Group-level delegated print release. Delegated print release is a features that allows users to securely release print jobs on behalf of other users. This feature has been enhanced to support groups of users, for example it is now possible to authorize teachers to release print jobs for all students in their class.
  • Release stations now support card self-association. Management of identity cards can be time consuming for administrators if they need to pre-load card data into user directories and other systems. Card self-association allows users to associate a new card with their account by entering their username and password when they first use it.


  • Installing a PaperCut primary/application server on Mac OS 10.6 will now raise a warning to remind administrators that it reaches end of support life at the end of 2013.
  • User-device affinity for printer load balancing. Printer load balancing can be used to increase job throughput by distributing jobs to multiple printers. For users sending a batch of jobs this can be frustrating as the documents will need to be collected from multiple printers. This release improves the load balancing behavior so that a batch of jobs from one user will be sent to a single device. This behavior is configurable.
  • The standard print release station on Windows now supports displaying an on-screen keyboard. This is ideal for touchscreen kiosks as a replacement for a physical keyboard.
  • The user client software for Mac no longer requires installation of any 3rd party dependencies. To assist with better Mac OS integration, the standard client software now supports Mac OS 10.7 and above, and a separate "legacy" client has been added to support older versions (10.4 through 10.6).
  • Print archiving: authorized administrators may now delete jobs from the archive. This can be used to delete offensive material or sensitive material that was not intended to be archived.
  • Print release in the user web interface can now be enabled for a specified group of users, rather than just enabled or disabled for all users.
  • Reports:
    • New report "Group user transactions - type summary" for sites using multiple personal accounts and user groups.
    • To make the group filter easier to use it is now a drop-down list of group names rather than a text input.
    • Department and office filters in reports can now accept a wildcard '%'. E.g. "Melbourne%" can be used to include data from all offices starting with "Melbourne".
    • Added office and department information to the "User - Job Type Summary" report.
    • Added printer serial number information to "Group printing - printer summary" report.
    • The "Shared account printing - paper area summary" report is now available as a scheduled report.
    • Added a multiple personal accounts filter to the transaction reports.
    • Added a multi-user filter to "Group user transactions - type summary report".
  • The low toner notification message can now include the printer's location to assist staff with finding the right printer.
  • The option in the PaperCut Print Provider on Windows to ignore given print queues can now accept wildcards. E.g. "Copy Room*" can be used to avoid tracking any printer starting with "Copy Room".
  • Virtual print queues (e.g. for Find Me Printing) are now resilient to the fake "zero byte" jobs sent by some printer drivers. These jobs are now automatically ignored, where previously they would show up in the print queue with an error state.
  • The CardSmith payment gateway module now supports on-demand transfers for automatic payment integrations.
  • iOS printing: improved compatibility with Cisco Bonjour gateway routing.
  • It is now possible to use HTML formatting in the registration instructions provided for users to register their own account (internal user self-registration).
  • The customizable instructions provided to users on the login page can now support HTML formatting.
  • The "Multiply print costs by" user-level feature to adjust print costs now accepts decimal places.
  • User web interface: The Transaction History and Change Details pages can now be chosen as the default page to display when users log in.
  • Administrator logouts are now audited in the App. Log.
  • Improved performance loading the virtual printer settings page when many hundreds of printers are selected as compatible queues.
  • Printer error checking on Mac and Linux can now be configured to ignore unimportant errors.
  • The installer now checks to see if PaperCut Print Logger is installed to avoid potential clashes.
  • Advanced: added system integrator APIs that allow an external system to approve or deny print jobs.


  • Improved reliability of print release and Find Me Printing when jobs are canceled directly from operating system print queues. Note that as per installation recommendations, users should not be able to cancel jobs from print queues.
  • It is now possible to add a link for the user web interface to the home screen of an iPhone.
  • When using a print release in "release any" mode, the user-level setting "automatically charge to a single shared account" will now be correctly applied.
  • Fixed problem setting up hold/release on copiers and terminals to display jobs for more than 200 different print queues.
  • Printer "failure mode" settings are now correctly applied when using Copy Printer Settings feature.
  • Fixed some reports displaying paper area using the wrong measurement units when in the USA.
  • Fixed warning about unsaved changes that would appear when changing the user/group sync source.
  • Web Print simple mode: fixed compatibility mode with Dell 5110 PCL printer drivers.
  • Resolved issues when redirecting print jobs to printers with names containing non-Latin/ASCII characters.
  • Improved toner level detection on the Xerox Phaser 7400.
  • Fixed issue when using Find Me Printing with SQL Server as an external database and configuring a single virtual queue to send to more than 2,000 print queues.
  • The "Redeem card" option in the iPhone user web interface is now hidden if the TopUp/Pre-Paid card option has been disabled.
  • Web Cashier: fixed an issue caused when a user is a member of multiple groups that have different Web Cashier admin rights.
  • The "User Configuration" report no longer repeats information when split across pages.
  • Web based release station: tool tips / hover info (e.g. displaying a full document name) now works correctly in Internet Explorer 10.

Printer compatibility improvements:

  • Fixed a compatibility issue on Mac and Linux with Canon LBP 6710 printers.
  • Added support for Japanese versions of the Xerox Document Centre C450/C360/C250 family of printers.
  • Improved page-level color detection on Brother PostScript printer drivers.
  • Added detection for the "SUPER_B" paper size on Canon UFRII printers.
  • Fixed a rare problem tracking PCL6 jobs when using page-level color detection, causing the PaperCut Print Provider service to restart.
  • Added grayscale and duplex conversion filter support for the Kyocera FS-C5300 KX.
  • Added page-level color detection for the Kyocera Universal Printing driver in "print as image" mode.
  • Improved page count detection on the Lexmark Universal PCL5 v2 driver.
  • Fixed rare problem detecting grayscale print jobs on Brother PostScript drivers.
  • Added page counting support for N-up documents printed on the Canon LBP 6710i on Mac.
  • Fixed a rare page counting issue on Epson printers with selected documents.
  • Improved support for duplex conversion filters with some Konica Minolta PostScript printers.
  • Fixed rare issue with HP PCL5 drivers where the use of collated copies could in an incorrect page count.
  • Fixed issue that could result in an incorrect page count with PCL5 drivers and documents printed in Hebrew.
  • Fixed rare problem with watermarking and PostScript jobs that could result in jobs failing to print.
  • Fixed a problem converting to duplex on Lexmark PCL6 printer drivers on Linux.
  • Improved color detection on the Riso 7150.
  • Fixed problem that could result in incorrect page counts for N-up jobs on the Xerox DocuPrint 4050.
  • Fixed duplex detection for Canon LIPS LBP-1910.
  • Added color and duplex detection for FX DocuPrint 5060/C4000d on CentOS.
  • Added support for grayscale conversion filters on HP LaserJet 400 PCL6 drivers.
  • Fixed "OFFENDING COMMAND" error messages that could print when using watermarking on Konica Minolta bizhub 501.
  • Fixed B5 and B4 paper size detection for Kyocera PCL6 drivers.

Copier / Device Integration:

  • Xerox Secure Access EIP 2.0+:
    A new Xerox embedded solution for devices supporting the Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) 2.0 or higher.
    This new solution includes:
    • New and improved fullscreen interface.
    • Improved quota enforcement (jobs are stopped when users run out of credit - "zero-stop").
    • Fullscreen account selection with account keyword search.
    • Ability to select and release individual jobs directly from the panel (Find Me Printing).
    • Client billing options such as job comments and invoicing are now available at the panel.
    These enhancements bring the Xerox platform in line with the best supported platforms in the PaperCut MF portfolio. It is currently available under the Early Access program.
  • HP Chai Onboard/Embedded v22209*: ignore card swipes that occur while a user is logged in. This could previously result in a login being attempted immediately after the current user logged out.
  • Konica Minolta Onboard/Embedded (OpenAPI):
    • Added periodic check that will reinstall the embedded app if it was removed by another tool or a configuration reset.
  • Kyocera Onboard/Embedded (HyPAS) v22931*:
    • Added swipe to log out. Swiping an ID card whilst logged in will now automatically log the user out.
    • Increased the display length for account names, so they can now use the full space available.
    • Increased the length of the username input field to accept usernames up to 50 characters in length.
    • The username, password and account search inputs now correctly handle non-Latin/ASCII characters.
    • Implemented some changes to help avert a problem some customers are seeing with a 404 error after waking from a long idle period.
    • Suppress an erroneous "card number not found" message that could be displayed when a user is providing a new PIN for their ID number.
    • Improved display of a device access error message which was obscuring buttons on small screen devices.
  • Samsung Extensible Open Architecture (XOA) v22976*:
    • The language used by PaperCut is now automatically detected based on the device language setting.
    • Added an option to skip the account confirmation screen.
    • Improvements to Single-Sign-On (SSO) to support to better support integration with 3rd party applications. This was developed with cooperation from Samsung USA.
    • Improvements when using the hard keys to enter ID numbers when both ID and PIN number fields are displayed.
  • Ricoh Onboard/Embedded (ESA) v21505*: Added support for the Elatec TWN4 card reader.
  • Sharp Onboard/Embedded (OSA):
    • Client billing options such as job comments and invoicing are now available at the panel.
    • UI improved to better support long shared account names.
    • The initial accounts tab (list, search or code) may now be configured using a configuration setting.
    • A config option has been added to change the default keyboard to display on devices configured with Asian languages (e.g. Chinese).
  • Toshiba Onboard/Embedded (e-BRIDGE Open Platform) - SDK2 devices:
    • Fixed some cases where a repeated "No Quota" message could appear when the user is required to select a shared account.
    • Fixed a problem that could cause a job to be charged to the wrong shared account if a job was interrupted (e.g. the device was out of paper) for a long period, and is restarted again when another user has logged in and selected a different shared account.
  • Xerox (Network Accounting / JBA):
    • Fixed a rare problem seen on WorkCentre 7435 devices where usernames containing non-Latin/ASCII characters would not be tracked correctly.
    • Improvements to compatibility with older Fuji Xerox based devices.
  • Xerox (Xerox Secure Access): Fixed an issue that could result in the account confirmation screen not being displayed on a newly created device where no configuration changes had been made.

Other Notes:

  • This release contains a database upgrade and administrators should factor this into their upgrade plan.
  • Devices marked with * require installing an updated version of the embedded copier software.