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PaperCut MF 13.2 (Build 22278)
Posted by Apposite Solution Limited on 29 May 2013 01:35 PM

This is a bugfix release for version 13.2 and contains the following changes:

New Features:

  • Release stations with payment integration (pay-and-release): Added an option to hide the credit source (external) balance.


  • Fixed an error with version 13.2 (Build 22088) that would prevent print script pop-ups appearing if used before/without the isAnalysisComplete check.

Printer compatibility improvements:

  • Fixed problem processing some very rare PCL6 jobs types when using page-level color detection.
  • Added serial number detection for OKI devices.
  • Added serial number detection for the Toshiba e-STUDIO 383P.

Copier / Device Integration:

  • HP FutureSmart Onboard/Embedded (no embedded app update required):
    • Fixed an issue with version 13.2 that could cause an ArrayIndex... error to appear in the device's status and prevent access to some functionality.
    • Additional changes to reduce the likelihood of the device error 48.A1.01 appearing.
  • Toshiba Onboard/Embedded (e-BRIDGE Open Platform) - SDK2 devices: improved tracking when logging into devices using the built-in guest user.

Other Notes:

  • This release does not contain a database upgrade.