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PaperCut 13.1 (Build 21453)
Posted by Apposite Solution Limited on 14 March 2013 05:17 PM

New Features:

  • PaperCut has worked with two of the leading mobile printing solutions to ensure that mobile print users of these systems are able to benefit from the features offered by PaperCut. It is now possible to use PaperCut features such as print quotas, Print Archiving and many more via Collobos Fingerprint or EFI PrintMe Mobile.
  • "Copy Printer Settings" now allows copying to printer groups in addition to individual printers. This will benefit sites managing many printers.
  • It is now possible to define a secondary user id or card number within PaperCut. Previously this required configuration of an external database. This will make it easier for sites looking to transition between card systems or issue multiple cards per user.
  • Historically, enabling page-level color detection on Windows has involved making a driver-level setting change (disabling the "advanced printing features" option). In this release we have added page-level color detection for the EMF print language and this driver setting change is no longer a requirement. This takes us one step closer to making page-level color detection the standard option for new printers.
  • Large PaperCut sites often run automated license management systems. A new API / server-command "get-total-users" has been added to allow these sites to proactively monitor user counts.
  • Added support for the PayEx payment gateway, a popular payment system in Europe.


  • Print Archiving:
    • Simplified setup by automatically configuring access rights where possible.
    • Simplified setup on Linux (automatically find installed GhostPCL).
  • Improved print server scalability:
    • Reduced CPU utilization when there are a large number of jobs in a hold/release queue.
    • Reduced network traffic between secondary print servers and the application server.
  • Security: The "Use HTTPS/SSL if available" option now applies to admin logins when accessing PaperCut from a remote system. Previously this option only applied to end-user logins. This option has also been moved from "Options -> General -> Client Software" to "Options -> Advanced -> Security".
  • Sites with a large number of groups in Active Directory can now limit the groups displayed in PaperCut's User/Group Sync to a single Organizational Unit (OU). This will benefit sites running PaperCut in a multi-department AD environment.
  • PaperCut Web Print will now automatically configure Adobe Reader, reducing setup steps.
  • Copying printer settings now displays the number of target printers rather than a potentially long list of names.
  • On Mac servers the "papercut" host/service user account will no longer be displayed on the login screen.
  • Improved resilience of client pop-ups in environments with inaccurate reverse DNS lookups.
  • Improved temporary file cleanup under certain error conditions on Linux and Mac.


  • Print Archiving:
    • Fixed problem with jobs not archiving when using a Windows print server and a Linux or Mac primary server.
    • Simplified setup on Linux (automatically find installed GhostPCL).
    • Minor layout improvements when viewing archived jobs in thumbnail mode.
  • Improved performance (connection pooling) when using LDAP for user/group sync.
  • Fixed consistency of number rounding between PDF and CSV reports when using custom currency settings.
  • Improved the "Reward regular use of grayscale/duplex" script to no longer reset the running streak for single page jobs.
  • Fixed potential pagination problem with the Admin Rights list.
  • Fixed a problem with the "User List" report displaying the wrong user creation date.
  • Fixed Windows 8 notifications (toast) when using roaming profiles.
  • Fixed a rare crash in the print provider when processing small Kyocera PCL6 jobs.
  • LDAP integration is more resilient to slow LDAP servers (timeout behavior).
  • Fixed a problem with the "Account configuration" CSV report displaying more than 1000 records.
  • Fixed a problem running the Net Control setup wizard.

Printer compatibility improvements:

  • Improved duplex detection and page counting for Linux PostScript drivers for the HP LaserJet P4015 and similar devices.
  • Improved Print Archiving previews for the Xerox Global PCL5 driver.
  • Fixed page size detection on Fiery PostScript drivers on Mac.
  • Improved page counting for duplex jobs on the HP Color LaserJet 4700.
  • Fixed duplex detection on some Konica Minolta Fiery PostScript printer drivers.
  • Fixed grayscale detection on recent Xerox Global Print Driver PostScript drivers.
  • Added copy count detection for the Xerox Nuvera PCL5 driver.
  • Added page-level color detection for Canon imagePROGRAF iPF825 drivers on Mac and Linux.
  • Fixed Print Archiving previews for XPS printers on CentOS.
  • Fixed watermarking for HP 4700 PCL6.
  • Fixed page size detection on Canon LBP 5700 when 2-up is selected.

Other Notes:

  • This release contains a minor database schema upgrade and administrators should factor this into their upgrade plan.