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PaperCut 12.3 (Build 17963)
Posted by Apposite Solution Limited on 05 July 2012 04:29 PM

New features:

  • As well as zero-install client PaperCut now supports an MSI installer to manage large deployments of client software for customers who use Active Directory group policy.
  • Printing for iOS has been enhanced to improve the experience for users on the iPhone interface. Screens have been redesigned for smaller devices and now support swipe navigation.
  • Printer error detection on the Mac, Novell and Linux has been substantially improved. Now printer errors are pro-actively detected as they are on the Windows platform. Errors are detected as they occur rather than when a job enters the queue.


  • The scalability of the admin rights interface has been improved, and now supports much larger list of users and groups.
  • The quick search feature has now got even quicker. Usernames are auto completed as you type. This enhancement has been applied to User List page, User Details page and Shared account security page
  • The Physical printer usage CSV summary report now shows a breakdown of color and grayscale pages.
  • Extended the print script API with new methods:
    • actions.job.cancelAndLog()for cancelling and logging the job
    • actions.util.sendEmail(recipients, subject, body) for sending email to any recipient
  • Extended the print script recipes and snippets to demonstrate the use of new API methods.
  • Improved the ability to skin the user client software. It's now possible to change the link mouseover color.
  • The performance of the admin and end-user web interfaces have been improved. The user experience over remote/slower connections should be substantially faster.
  • Improved the appearance of the user's balance graph when their account contains little print history.
  • It is now possible to denote Grayscale Advanced Charging discounts with a decimal precision.
  • Advanced: Sites using an external balance source (via PaperCut's API) can now specify an alternate personal account rather than just to current default account.


  • Stop the state of the Windows printer from being incorrectly reported sometimes when the printer is not attached to the network.
  • Fixed the display of Japanese and Chinese characters in various graphs.
  • Fixed error that occurred when running reports from Job Logs tab when using SQL Server database.
  • The print script API inputs.client.isRunning() may have occasionally incorrectly reported a client is running.
  • Improved internationalization support for regions with currencies that do not have a fixed number of decimal places (common in the Middle East).
  • Improved the reliability of print pop-up authentication which may have been seen in rare circumstances.
  • Fixed a problem with print scripting when running PaperCut under the French locale.
  • Fixed an issue with grayscale/duplex attribute modification that may have been seen on virtual print queues (find-me printing) on Windows.
  • Improved the management of temporary file space when using force attributes (e.g. forced duplex).
  • Improved the add-printer-access-group server command and API so that a group can be added to the access list even if the filter is not enabled.
  • Various changes to improve handling of heavy server load.
  • Changes to reduce the performance overhead of enabling debug logging on the server.
  • Fixed an issue when running on SQL Server that may have occurred when printing jobs with long document names contained non-English characters.
  • Allow topup/pre-paid card to be used on the day of expiration.
  • Improved the Java Web Services API examples.
  • Various text improvements when running PaperCut under the Japanese locale.
  • Improved handling of user Active Directory fields that contain new-line characters. This case is extra rare and would only occur if AD data is in a non-standard format.

Printer compatibility improvements:

  • Improved page-level color detection on RICOH Aficio MP C6501 PCL 5c.
  • Added page-level color detection for Epson WP-4095.
  • Added page size detection for Epson LP series of laser printers.
  • Improved copy count detection for Epson LP-2500.
  • General improvements to PCL5 page-level color detection.
  • On the PCL6 Xerox Global Print Driver fixed 1 page over-counting seen on some duplex jobs.
  • Jobs on the FX Docucenter-IV C4470 PCL6 can now be converted/forced to grayscale.
  • Fixed a page count problem seen on the Epson WP-4095.
  • Added support for the Epson LP-7800C.
  • Improved support for Ricoh GX e7700N.
  • Improved paper size detection for Brother MFC-6490CW.
  • Fixed page dimension calculations for Oce TDS450 plotter.

Other Notes:

  • This release does not contain a database upgrade.