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PaperCut MF 12.1 (Build 16778)
Posted by Apposite Solution Limited on 13 March 2012 05:35 PM

New features:

  • The new executive summary report added in 12.0 now includes charts that show the number of pages each day and jobs by time of day.
  • New printing notifications available for notifying before a job times out in a hold/release queue, and when a job has timed out in a hold/release queue.
  • Administrators may now add custom (external) links to the navigation menu in the user web interface.


  • The uninstall wizard now displays a reminder to take a copy of any database backups if they are still required.
  • Printer notification messages may now include just the printer's server or queue name (rather than only both at once).
  • When redirecting print jobs on Windows (Find Me Printing or load balancing), the document "Owner" in the print queue is now preserved. This may aid administrators when troubleshooting.
  • When performing a user/group sync and choosing to delete old users, the server.log file now indicates which users have been deleted.
  • The "Filtered" column on the printer list now includes the number of active conversion filters.
  • The Transaction and User List reports may now be filtered to special "[Internal Users]" group.
  • Added an example for calling the web services API in PHP using Zend's XML-RPC library.
  • Updated print script recipes for filtering emails printed using MS Outlook 2010.
  • Major translation updates for Croatian and French. Significant translation updates for Danish, Polish and Spanish.
  • Scalability improvements for large sites.
  • Improved resilience to problems that can occur when the Windows print spooler service crashes.
  • Improvements to debug logging in the Windows PaperCut Printer Port to help diagnosis of customer issues.


  • Improvement to print job ordering when releasing a batch of print jobs that were submitted together (multiple jobs submitted in one second).
  • Fixed problem seen on some Windows servers using the PaperCut port monitor and watermarking or performing color/duplex conversion.
  • Fixed issue that could prevent tracking printers when installing on Mac OS 10.7.3 without first making manual permissions changes to CUPS files.
  • Fixed some layout issues with the new Executive Summary report when displaying long printer names or using ad hoc filters.
  • Fixed issue accessing the iPhone user web interface.
  • Fixed issue with card authentication at release stations.
  • When a printer script adjusts the page cost, the cost is no longer recalculated after a grayscale/duplex conversion (i.e. keep the cost set in the script).
  • Fixed issue displaying some Turkish characters in PDF reports.
  • Fixed a potential crash in the print provider service when performing page-level color detection on PostScript jobs.
  • Fixed issue running the "Printer Configuration" report when a printer's configuration took up exactly one page.
  • Fixed problems with redirecting of print jobs on non-English locale Windows systems when the option to hide document names in the windows spooler is enabled.
  • Fixed issue using the "Users with no card/identity number assigned" filter to find users when using some external databases.
  • Payment at release stations: fixed issue where the release station software might need to be restarted after having been unused for some time.
  • The environmental impact most polluting/green reports are now sorted by total sheets instead of total pages.
  • On Mac, PaperCut now automatically ignores more of the common service/daemon account names (rather than importing them as users).
  • Removed unnecessary "totals" row from the "Group print/copy/scan/fax - breakdown"

Printer compatibility improvements:

  • Added support for the Epson ESC/P-R print language (e.g. for Epson Stylus TX800).
  • Added page-level color detection support for Brother proprietary drivers ("XL2BH" language).
  • Improved analysis speed on large PostScript files created by Adobe Reader.
  • Improved hardware page count checks for the Ricoh Aficio SP devices (e.g. 420DN, 480DN).
  • Improved custom page size support for Sharp PCL6 drivers (e.g. MX-M753N).
  • Improved page level color detection when printing from Adobe Reader on Ricoh Aficio PCL6 drivers (e.g. MPC 5501).
  • Improved analysis for the Konica Minolta PCL6 driver (e.g. 36C-1).
  • Fixed page count for Epson ACULASER duplex jobs (e.g. M4000N).
  • Fixed color detection and grayscale conversion for Ricoh Aficio SP PCL6 drivers (e.g. C232SF).
  • Fixed color detection for Sharp MX5000N PCL6 drivers.
  • Fixed grayscale conversion for HP Color LaserJet PCL6 drivers (e.g. CP3525).
  • Fixed watermarking for Dell PCL6 drivers (e.g. 3130n).
  • Fixed grayscale detection for Adobe Reader documents on some Ricoh PostScript printers on Mac.

Copier / Device Integration:

  • Added a new embedded/onboard copy, fax and scan tracking solution for Samsung devices via the Samsung eXtensible Open Architecture (XOA) platform. For more information see the Samsung MFD Integration tour page.
  • Konica Minolta Onboard/Embedded (OpenAPI): Improved duplex mixed-color accounting.
  • Kyocera Mita Onboard/Embedded (HyPAS):
    • New option to diplay an additional custom "use copier functions" that can take the user directly to a specific device function, e.g. to go directly to scanning.
    • New "strict" zero-stop option that may be more suitable for education and other restricted access environments where preventing overruns is important. Improvements were also made to the existing non-strict mode when allowing free grayscale copying.
    • The card authentication graphic is no longer displayed on small screen devices.
    • If the user has a default shared account it will now be listed first in the shared account list.
    • Added a "Refresh" button on print release screen when no jobs are shown.
    • When configured to display the Application screen after login and the PaperCut app is clicked, there is now a "Close" button to return back to the Application screen.
    • Fixed extra characters that would appear on the id and PIN entry when using virtual keyboard.
    • Fixed the optional custom welcome message not displaying on some login screens (depending on which authentication options were enabled).
    • Document names on the print release screen now take up more of the available space.
    • Fixed some debug logging issues where some activity may have been omitted or not copied to a USB drive.
  • Lexmark Onboard/Embedded (LeSF):
    • Fixed issue where the remaining balance displayed after a copy job was missing the final digit.
    • Fixed the issue where print release wouldn't work if printer or server had a "." in their name.
    • Copy jobs where the document feeder jams can now be resumed after clearing the jam, rather than having to restart the job.
    • Added support for using the auto paper size detection feature during copying.
    • USB scanning can now be blocked using device-internal security settings even when USB copying is enabled.
    • USB scanning can be tracked when copying is not tracked by PaperCut.
  • Sharp Onboard/Embedded (OSA):
    • Account selection now supports the combination of personal account plus shared account by PIN/code (i.e. without selection from list).
    • Improved accuracy of the inactivity timeout for PaperCut screens, which may have taken up to 60 seconds longer than configured to time out.
    • Improvements to Sharp OSA 4 devices to automatically delete copy jobs when the user exceeds their quota. These jobs would previously be left in the job queue in a "LIMIT" state.
    • Optimized shared account list display for customers with large number of shared accounts.
  • Toshiba Onboard/Embedded (e-BRIDGE Open Platform):
    • Added official support for new Toshiba "SDK2" devices, including the new eBX grayscale models.