What is the difference between PayPal Payflow Link and PayPal Standard?
Last modified on 15 August 2020 08:38 PM

PayPal Payflow Link and PayPal Standard are both supplied by PayPal and are both supported by PaperCut for print credit management/payments. The main difference is the financial backend. PayPal Payflow Link works with real bank accounts and hence adheres to reporting standards and requirements. PayPal Standard is just tied to a “virtual account”.

Many education organisations (government funded) will require the higher standards of Pay Pal Payflow Link so to meet funds handling rules/regulations/accounting standard. Payflow Link does require additional setup and configuration along with additional costs associated with the backing merchant account. Please liaise with PayPal and/or your merchant account provider to discuss options and find out more about which offering is most appropriate for your environment.