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Using the ChargeBack popup client
Last modified on 20 December 2010 11:01 AM

Using the ChargeBack popup client

Information on this page is specific to PaperCut ChargeBack

We have number of supporting users who may use the printer now and again but we would rather the popup didn't show for them as their prints are not billed to the projects. Is it possible to have the popup show only for certain users?

There are two ways of setting the popup not to display for selected users:

Option 1) If the list of users is short (i.e. 20 or less), consider adding this user's usernames under the "Do not require account submission for the users" text box under the Options->Client Popup Settings. Users listed here will not be prompted to allocate their print job to an account/project number.

Option 2) Install the printer driver(s) twice for each of the monitored printers. This way you'll have two "logical" printers mapping to each physical printer. Set sharing permissions so only the users not requiring the popup can print to the second set of printers. Add this set of printers to PaperCut and ensure the "Require Account" option is not selected. It is recommended that you distinguish this set of printers with a consistent printer naming convention.