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Using PaperCut in Print Server Free Environments
Last modified on 18 March 2016 12:48 PM

Looking for a way to track print jobs in a direct printing environment where print queues are not hosted on a print server? Great, because we’ve got you covered.

PaperCut v16.0 introduces PaperCut Direct Printing, a solution which also has many of the same goals of Microsoft’s Branch Office Direct Printing feature, but additionally includes many of the core services you come to expect from PaperCut, including the ability to track, control and audit usage of queues regardless of whether they’re server based or direct, USB or networked printers, as well as Find Me Print, Secure Release of print jobs, charging to Shared Accounts and much more. PaperCut’s Direct Printing also allows you to track printing from ALL modern operating systems, opening up your ability to be able to track your entire user-base and have the comfort of knowing every single printer onsite can be printed to directly.

If you’re currently not using PaperCut v16.0 or higher, we recommend that you consider upgrading PaperCut so that you are able to use this configuration to your advantage. 

More information about PaperCut’s Direct Printing feature is found here