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User Client Issues in Mac OS X Update (June 2013)
Last modified on 03 March 2015 03:24 PM

UPDATE: Apple have released a revised version of Java 2013–004 which resolves this issue. If you are seeing this issue, please ensure you have downloaded and installed the revised version, available here.

User Client in Mac OSX Issue

A recent software update for Mac OS X (released in June 2013) had caused issues with the PaperCut user client, resulting in gray screens or becoming unresponsive. This was identified as a priority issue, and our team have an immediate hotfix if the above revised version has not been successful in fixing the issue, as well as a long-term plan for future issues.

  • Revised update - see link above.
  • Hotfix - if you are still seeing issues, see instructions below.
  • Future - we have made changes to the client so that similar issues caused by Mac system updates will be avoided. This is scheduled to be released with PaperCut 13.3.


If you are still seeing this issue, even after the revised Java update released by Apple has been installed from the link above, a manual workaround can be used to resolve the issues caused by the update. This involves replacing a file in the PCClient package in the Applications folder, and restarting the client. This file includes a configuration change to bypass the Mac look and feel (LAF), which is the cause of the problems, and use an alternative LAF. The process to use this file is below:

  1. Click here to download the hotfix
  2. Unzip the info.plist file
  3. Open the Applications folder
  4. Right click PCClient and select Show Package Contents
  5. Select Contents
  6. Rename info.plist to info.plist.backup
  7. Paste the downloaded info.plist file into this location

Once this file has been replaced, restart the PaperCut client by ending it in Activity Monitor and launching it again from the Applications section.

This hotfix will work for PaperCut installations 12.0 and above. If you have an earlier version of PaperCut, please contact us for a customized hotfix.

The issue described is brought on after the update “Java for OS X 2013-004” is applied and has been reported to affect other software. As mentioned before, this has now been fixed in a revised release made by Apple.

Keep an eye on our Release History for the release of version 13.3.