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Saving Abnormal Spool Files
Last modified on 14 August 2020 10:59 AM

PaperCut has an option to save spool files which give abnormal page counts so they can be sent to the PaperCut Support team.

This option is enabled when print provider debug logging is enabled.

When this option is enabled a print job gives an abnormal page count, PaperCut save it in


NOTE: These values are supplied in the default print-provider.conf that ships with PaperCut

Defining what is an “abnormal” job is done in the following configuration file:


SavedSpoolDir is the directory where the abnormal spool files are saved. SavedSpoolKeepCount is the number of most recent abnormal spool files that are saved. SavedSpoolMaxPages is the number of pages above which a spool is considered abnormal. SavedSpoolMaxCopies is the number of copies above which a spool is considered abnormal. SavedSpoolMaxDimensionCm is the page width and height in cm above which a spool is considered abnormal.