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Running PaperCut On An External Database
Last modified on 11 August 2020 11:17 AM

By default PaperCut uses an internal embedded database called Apache Derby which was initially developed by IBM and sold as Cloudspace DB. PaperCut can also be run on external databases like Microsoft SQL Server (including the free Express Edition), PostgreSQL, My SQL or Oracle. The external database can be hosted on the PaperCut Primary server or on a separate server.

Reasons for using an external database include:

  • Your system is now sufficiently big that an external database improves performance. For some guidelines see
  • You already have a database infrastructure and you want PaperCut to be managed the same way as your other databases
  • You want to run SQL queries on the PaperCut database, for instance in order to create custom reports. Note: Do not update the PaperCut database using SQL.

For more information using an external database, and instructions on how to “upsize” to an external database, see the manual here.

For information on supported external databases, see the external database support policy.