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Running a Secondary Internet Provider on 64-bit Linux
Last modified on 09 May 2017 03:08 PM

Note: The PaperCut Internet Control Module is a legacy offering, which is no longer supplied nor supported as of December 2012.

Some of the binaries that ship with the PaperCut Secondary Internet Provider are 32-bit. When running on a 64-bit system without the appropriate compatibility libraries these executables may fail to run.

To allow the Secondary Internet Provider to work properly, ensure that you’ve installed the 32-bit compatibility libraries on your machine. The install process for the 32 bit libraries differs depending on the Linux distribution used:

On Debian/Ubuntu/etc, use:

 sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

For other distros check their documentation.

NOTE: This doesn’t apply to systems running the Internet Provider on the same Linux machine as the primary PaperCut Application server.

Example error received when 32-bit libs not installed

Below is an example error message shown when trying to start the “net provider” when the 32-bit libs are not installed.

 papercut@server:~/providers/net/bin/linux-i686$ ./start-net-provider

 Starting PaperCut Internet Provider…eval: 1: /home/papercut/providers/net/bin /net/bin/linux-i686/./net-provider-monitor: not found

 ……… WARNING: not running.