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Payment Gateway: Documentation
on 06 May 2013 04:19 PM

The PaperCut Payment Gateway Module is an additional component to provide services that allow users to transfer funds from an external source into their personal PaperCut account.

Where is the documentation?

Documentation for Payment Gateways are manually supplied by the PaperCut Developers or from resellers. The documentation that you receive will only cover the Payment Gateway / PaperCut integration and is often the smallest part of the Payment Gateway setup. We will always advise going through a PaperCut reseller where possible.

PaperCut NG users that need only the documentation generally already have a Payment Gateway installed in their site and are simply looking for how to integrate as they already have the specialist knowledge in house.

PaperCut users that do not have the Payment Gateway installation already installed are normally buying both services (PaperCut and the Payment Gateway) through a reseller who will have access to the documentation.

PaperCut MF users will also fall into one of these two categories