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PaperCut Printer Load Balancing Requirements
Last modified on 24 November 2010 03:30 PM

PaperCut Printer Load Balancing Requirements

The ability to redirect print jobs from one print queue to another is limited by several factors.

Firstly, the destination printer must be able to handle the rendered print job. This means that the source (or virtual) print queue and the target print queue must at least use drivers that produce the same print language (e.g. PostScript to PostScript or PCL5 to PCL5). However due to the differences in the way each manufacturer uses a print language, and even differences between models from the same manufacturer, compatibility may be limited to printers of the same or similar models.

Secondly, under Mac OS X, Linux and Novell, the source (or virtual) and destination (or physical) print queues must be located on the same print server. Microsoft Windows environments may be able to redirect to print queues on remote systems.

When implementing Printer Load Balancing you will need to thoroughly test the compatibility of the drivers. You may find that some documents paginate slightly differently, colors may also be affected. Functionality such as hole punches, folding and stapling may also need fine tuning.