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Page count problems and how to resolve them
Last modified on 11 June 2012 01:18 PM

Page count problems and how to resolve them

PaperCut is logging print jobs, but the number of pages (or another attribute) is not correct. What should I do?

We recommend you try the following problem resolution actions in this order, testing after each step to see if it has resolved the issue:

1. PaperCut supports the majority of printer languages on the market (see Supported Printers for more details). Some printers support a proprietary language, but also accept PCL or PostScript - languages which are open standards. In the case that both are available we recommend installing a PostScript or PCL driver. Do this on both the print server and all network clients. (We recommend the PostScript language over PCL.)
2. If the print server is running Windows, try turning off 'Enable Advanced Printing Features'. This will ensure that print jobs spool in a format that PaperCut can analyze itself, rather than relying on the driver's reported counts. This often helps with copy-count related problems as some drivers do not pass this through correctly!
3. If you're running an older version of PaperCut, try upgrading to the latest version. We regularly make printer detection improvements as new printer drivers are released, so chances are that the newer version will have improved support for your printer.
4. Please contact support at detailing:
  • The problem in general terms
  • The model and make of printer
  • Details of the printer driver in use
  • The operating system the print queue is hosted on
  • If you are able, a print to file that demonstrates the issue (this will ensure we can resolve your issue quickly)