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Office 365 Relay Issues with Email To Print
Last modified on 22 September 2014 09:58 AM

Customers using our Email to Print feature in conjunction with an Exchange Server and Microsoft Office 365 sometimes report email delivery failures on known email addresses. This is an Authentication issue.

Office 365 modifies our email address header information, which subsequently affects routing & delivery to the final destination address. (Office 365 does not link to Active Directory; it has its own set of User Names which it maps to Active Directory entries.)

One workaround in our software is to use separate email accounts & email forwarding, as shown in the Email to Print section of the User Guide under the Before You Start: Aliases > Email forwarding heading.

Many customers that experience relay issues with Office 365 have resolved them by using a forwarded address.

Customers with a mixed, hybrid environment may need to move the mailboxes out to the cloud and reconfigure the settings in PaperCut in order to avoid email delivery failures on known email addresses.