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Media size issue for iOS jobs sent to Mobility Print server on MacOS
on 13 September 2021 08:49 PM

It has been brought to our attention that iOS jobs sent to a Mobility Print server running on macOS can cause a submitted A3 job to be printed in A4 with portrait orientation.

What we know so far is that this can happen when:

  • The Mobility Print server is hosted on macOS. As far as we know, Mobility Print servers running on Windows have not encountered a similar problem.
  • It so far only happens when the printer is of certain Sharp models.
  • It only happens when the Find Me queue on the server has the Global PostScript driver from PaperCut.

The Solution

The issue is caused by some minor incompatibility between the CUPS filters and the PaperCut global PostScript driver.

Due to its very limited case numbers and the fact that there are currently existing solutions, there is not much value in urgently updating the PaperCut global PostScript driver.

We recommend that when a Mobility Print server is running on a Mac, and that the printers are Sharp models, Sharp printer drivers are installed to the Find Me or Virtual queue to ensure correct parsing of media sizes.