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Known Issues with Print Archiving
Last modified on 04 September 2013 06:08 PM

This page discusses any known or current issues with PaperCut’s print archiving, content capture, and print job viewing feature. The status of PaperCut core features as well as known issues with the 3rd party viewer software such as Ghost Trap and Ghostscript.

Version 13.3 and below: Mac OS X Servers are unable to generate print archive images.

When print archiving is enabled it is not possible generate and display images of the archive and PaperCut fails to describe the problem correctly. This has been resolved internally and will be available as part of the 13.4 release. If you are currently experiencing this problem please contact support for an interim fix.

Support for PostScript, PDF, PCL5, PCL6, XPS and EMF only.

Initially only these mainstream printer languages will be supported. We believe they will cover the majority of office printers.

Setup on 64 bit versions of Windows 2008 and earlier.

On some older 64 bit Windows versions, PaperCut 13.0 (Build 20697) was not finding Ghost Trap. This should be fixed in the next release.

Setup on Linux.

PaperCut 13.0 (Build 20697) incorrectly searches for GhostXPS binary as gxps. Its name is ghostxps. This will be fixed in the next release.

Workaround: Symlink ghostxps to gxps.

Brother PCL5 and PCL6 Printer Drivers

Selected Brother drivers report as PCL5 and PCL6 however they use a proprietary non-standard based image formats. The GhostPCL viewer is unable to render these jobs into images. At the time of writing there is no known workaround.

Canon PCL6 Printer Drivers

In the initial release of Print Archiving Canon’s variant of PCL6 cannot be previewed due to GhostPCL not supporting some PCL6 command attributes use by Canon PCL6.

Workaround: Use the PostScript driver for this printer. As far as we know all Canon printers that have PCL6 drivers also have PostScript drivers and we do not of any issues with PaperCut previewing any variant of Canon PostScript.

HP PCL6 Printer Drivers

PaperCut may not be able to preview spool files from some new HP PCL6 printer drivers.

Workarounds: Use a PostScript driver, a PCL5 driver or try a different PCL6 driver if one of any of these is available.

New HP PCL6 drivers sometimes use new PCL6 features. It appears that the GhostPCL interpreter that PaperCut used to preview does not support these features.

We are currently investigating this issue.

KIP 80 PostScript Windows Printer Driver

Some spool files created by this driver cannot be previewed though many can.

Workaround: None known.

We are currently investigating this problem.

Xerox PCL5 and PCL6 Printer Drivers

Some XML code sometimes appears in the Print Archive preview in the PaperCut 13.0 (Build 20697). This will be fixed in the next release.

XPS Printer Drivers

(Used by some Windows printer drivers, especially on Windows 8)

Some spool files are partially previewed.

Workaround: Try a PostScript, PCL5 or PCL6 printer driver if one is available

There are some problems with the GhostXPS interpreter that PaperCut uses to preview XPS spool files. As far as we know there are no printer specific issues with previewing XPS formatted spool files.