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iOS Print Options (Bonjour TTL Settings)
on 25 November 2015 11:31 AM

“Printers are disappearing from my list of available Printers on the iOS device after x amount of time”

If you’re running a build older than 15.2 (build 33770/33771) - there was no default TTL set explicitly by PaperCut for the bonjour advertisements. There was also no way of configuring this.

With 15.3, we use the same default value generated by the OS (Apple’s documentation mentions 120 seconds) for the TTL of the bonjour advertisements. However, we now also let you set this value manually if you need to.

For example, one customer using Aruba’s ‘AirGroup’ functionality to manage their bonjour advertisements found that they would have to set this to 4500 so that the Printers wouldn’t disappear from the list of advertisements on their iOS devices across the network. If you’re finding that printers are not being advertised consistently, check with your access point vendor to see if the TTL should be set to a particular value.

In the case of the Aruba ‘AirGroup’ feature, the following had to be done:

  • Edit [install directory]/providers/iosprint/mac/pc-iosprint.conf
  • Edit the line: #ttl= to: ttl=4500
  • Save the config file
  • Run disable-iosprint.command
  • Run start-iosprint.command

Note: there was one build - 15.2 (build 33770/33771) which explicitly set 4500 as the TTL. If you were running this build, and printers are now not being displayed correctly on iOS devices since upgrading to 15.3, you’ll need to configure the TTL settings as above in the new config file included with 15.3.

Awesome. How do I upgrade?

Take a look through the upgrade instructions here. If you’re running your Mac that is sharing the queues on a secondary server, make sure that you upgrade both the primary Application server as well as the secondary server component running on the Mac.