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Google Cloud Print, PaperCut and your data
on 19 August 2020 11:19 PM

Google Cloud Print is a cloud based printing service from Google that allows people to print from mobile and user-owned devices without the need to install print drivers or join your network.

Note: Check out an alternative to Google Cloud Print, PaperCut Mobility Print which is a simple way to print from your Mobile & BYOD devices like iOS, Android, ChromeOS, Windows and MacOS.

When enabling this feature in the PaperCut admin interface the system administrator is greeted with a request for permissions. As with any 3rd party application requesting user information this may raise concerns about privacy.

Following is a list of the requested permissions and why they are required:

Know who you are on Google

  • Your PaperCut Application Server (your local install) will be able to see the email address for the Google Account you choose. This email address is required to integrate with the Google Cloud Print service.

View your email address

  • This is the same as “Know who you are on Google” above.

Manage your printers

  • Your PaperCut Application Server (your local install) will be able to make Google Cloud Print related API calls. This includes registering/updating/deleting printers in Google Cloud Print, receiving print jobs, etc.

View and send chat messages

  • The Google Cloud Print service uses a notification system to tell your PaperCut server when new print jobs arrive. This notification system uses the protocol XMPP, the same protocol used in Google’s chat services. These “chat” messages are not visible in chat sessions; they are simply used to get notified when new jobs arrive.

To perform the above actions, the PaperCut Application Server stores tokens that allow it to make Google API calls on behalf of your selected Google Account. PaperCut Software International (the company behind the PaperCut product) does not receive content associated with your Google Cloud Print service or selected Google Account. Additionally, PaperCut does not store or have access to your Google Account password. A system administrator could safely register a Google Account with the knowledge that only their own PaperCut Application Server can make API calls on its behalf, and the tokens required to make those calls are only stored on that server.