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Do I also need to upgrade secondary servers and clients?
Last modified on 26 June 2015 03:49 PM

When upgrading a PaperCut central server, it is generally not mandatory to upgrade secondary servers, release stations, web print servers or clients immediately unless otherwise stated in the release notes. We always strive to maintains backwards compatibility. This means that old servers can still talk to new servers allowing you to upgrade servers at your own convenience.

The one exception is Site Servers. Due to the specifics of their implementation, and particularly due to the method by which they closely interface with the Application Server, Site Servers must be kept at the exact same version level as the Application Server. When performing an upgrade in an environment that includes Site Servers, it is recommended that they are upgraded immediately following the successful upgrade of the Application Server itself. The Site Server will continue working until this is done, albeit in ‘Offline’ mode, and thus with certain functional limitations imposed.

Further notes/comments:

  • If you encounter unexpected behaviour or problems, please upgrade all components of PaperCut as soon as possible before troubleshooting further. Should you request support for a problem where mismatched component versions is detected, this will be the first troubleshooting step.
  • You may need to upgrade secondary print servers, locally installed clients, release stations, or the web print server to take advantage of new features.
  • Best practice suggests upgrading all components at the same time. This way you maintain a consistent and predictable environment. You should always upgrade your primary server first.
  • In most cases, sites using the zero-install client deployment method (on windows) will not need to upgrade the client software as this will be automated.