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Diagnosing issues with Novell iPrint
Last modified on 15 August 2020 08:48 PM

PaperCut monitors printing on the Novell iPrint server by being configured as the accounting autoload command within iPrint Manager. This allows PaperCut to monitor and track all printing activity on the iPrint server.

If problems occur after enabling PaperCut on the Novell iPrint server (e.g. problems starting iPrint) some diagnosis will be required.

Check the autoload command is configured correctly

Verify that the autoload command is set to exactly papercut. Ensure that this is entered all as lower-case, and there are no spaces before or after the command.

Ensure that iprint has permission to the PaperCut files

A common cause of problems are caused by iPrint not having permission to access important PaperCut files.

Verify that iprint has permissions as follows:

  • Read access: ~papercut/providers/print/[platform]/print-provider.conf
  • Write access: ~papercut/providers/print/[platform]/print-provider.log*
  • Write access: ~papercut/providers/print/[platform]/*

Check the Novell iPrint logs (ispsmd.log) and system log

If there are problems starting the PaperCut autoload command, this will be reported in the ispmd.log located in:


Check this log for any obvious error messages relating to the papercut autoload command.

Collecting diagnostic information for PaperCut Support

If the above does not help resolve the problem, report the issue to PaperCut support.

It’s generally advisable to first enable debug logging (see here), reproduce the problem and then send the following information to PaperCut support:

Important: The iPrint Manager needs to be restarted!

Zip and send the following log files:

  • /var/opt/novell/log/iprint/ipsmd.log
  • /var/opt/novell/log/iprint/novell-print-provider.log
  • ~papercut/providers/print/[platform]/print-provider.log*

Also send the following information:

  • Description of the problem
  • Version of Novell OES / iPrint (rpm -qa novell-iprint-server)
  • Version of PaperCut installed

Collecting diagnostic information for Novell Support

If we need to further escalate this problem to Novell, then more information will be needed.

Please get the output of the iPrint Information gathering script from your iPrint Server. The script is available from:

Turn on debug logging from the health monitor in the Printer Manager. Follow the menus:

Novell Manager → Manager health monitor → Advanced iPrint Manager Information → Debug Options → Debug Screen Options.

Enable all of the options other than “errPause” and get the debug.log