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Configure Alternate Username Login
on 13 August 2020 02:31 PM

“I want to allow users to login to PaperCut NG/MF with a username other than sAMAccountName”

Examples might include:

  • UPN Username
  • Email address

Before we start, did you know logging in with email address works by default in PaperCut NG and MF?

How to configure login with email address:

How to allow users to login to PaperCut NG/MF with a username other than sAMAccountName

Use Username Aliasing to allow users to login with a different username, but keep the standard config of importing sAMAccountName as the primary identifier for users.

This does not prevent username clashes. If you’re experiencing username clashes in a multi-domain environment please reach out to for assistance. To prevent username clashing in multi-domain environments a beta feature is available in 19.2 for syncing users with UPN usernames as an alternative to sAMAccountName.


  1. Enable Username Aliasing.
    1. Select Options > Advanced.
    2. The Advanced page is displayed.
    3. In the Username Aliasing area, select the Enable username aliasing check box.
  2. Under Options → User/Group Sync → Sync source
    1. Set the Username alias as the LDAP attribute field in AD. For example “UserPrincipalName” field (AD/LDAP).

That’s it! Users will still be identified as their sAMAccountName, but will able to log in with a different username attribute. That should do the trick for adding the simple ability for users to log in using for example their UPN Username.

Reach out to us at for questions and advice on configuring authentication in PaperCut.

Further information on username aliasing: