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Accessibility and PaperCut
Last modified on 14 August 2020 09:13 PM

PaperCut offers various accessibility options for users with limited vision or mobility based on WAI guidelines. The options are listed below:

User web interface

The PaperCut development team have made a number of changes to the end-user web interface (and the admin interface in parts) to work towards WAI guidelines. The development team welcomes feedback on the “real world” usability of the interface.

Full-screen release station

The PaperCut software based release station is a full-screen application and hence does not play well with Windows based screen reading software such as MAGic with speech. As an interim solution, the development team has supplied a Java version of the release station software that leverages the features in the Sun Java Accessibility Kit. This functionality can be implemented using the following procedure (compatible with any release post version 7.0).

1) Download the following zip archive.

2) Unzip and copy the two files:


into the directory: C:\Program Files\PaperCut NG\release on the server.

3) Also copy these files onto the local system if you have a local copy of the release station files (no need to do this if running directly off the share).

4) Install the following components in the given order :

i) Java JRE version 5 (1.5)
ii) The Java Access Bridge, version 2 or later.
Both of these are available from the Sun website.

5) Restart the system after installing Java Access Bridge (when asked).

6) Start the release station using pc-release-java.exe (e.g. modify your automatic startup shortcut in the StartUp folder to launch this version).

Auto-releasing jobs on devices per user

Securely releasing a print job on a device is usually done by selecting jobs from the Print Release screen. For those with limited vision or mobility, PaperCut offers the ability to automatically release print jobs on devices for particular users.

This user-level option is available to override device auto-release settings. It is configurable via User, Group and Bulk User Actions pages. (i.e. Users → [Name of the user] → Advanced Options → Override printer/device-level settings)

A user can then login to a device and bypass the print release screen, releasing the print jobs automatically. This functionality is available for a device set up as a release station supporting print release.

For more information on releasing print jobs on devices see:

Section 508 Compliance (VPAT)

PaperCut is committed to considering accessibility enhancements and usability throughout the development of the PaperCut suite of applications and components. This is an ongoing process based on published standards and feedback from our customer base.
Customers interested in our adherence to the Voluntary Product Assessment Template (VPAT) standards are welcome to download our assessment.